Who Is More American? is a competition that seeks to determine exactly what the title suggests.  Our dramatic history holds in its threads an assortment of people, places, and things that can be identified as being American.  The reader and their opinion of what being American means will dictate their perspective.  Ultimately, it is up to the reader to decide which person, place, or thing is more American than the opponent its competing against.

I will argue for each side as to why various historical figures, groups, movements, time periods, or icons throughout our country’s history are American.  Writing from a neutral point of view, I will discuss each competitor’s ins and outs.  Focusing on the facts, the reader will formulate an opinion of which competitor is more American.  The reader will cast their vote in the comments below the blog.  In the end, the voting will determine rankings, and the rankings will be used for a bracketed tournament to crown The Most American of All.

Who Is More American? is a study to determine the perspectives and opinions of our society in relation to its historical icons.  Being a Social Studies Educator in Brooklyn, NY, I value critical thinking, reflection on our country’s history, and a desire to learn the facts beyond the textbook.

Enjoy this blog by taking part, casting your votes for the winners, and keeping it fun and classy by respecting your peers’ views and beliefs.  This blog encourages debate, as well as suggestions for future battles!

Now go over to Tournament Battles and start casting your votes in the comments!


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