Competition Format

Before we begin our Who Is More American? competition to determine The Most American of All, it is important to lay the groundwork for how this tournament is organized and how it will function. (If you haven’t visited the About tab and gotten the idea of what this is all about, please do so now!)

Since our country is still young, our history is brief.  This doesn’t mean it fails to pack a punch.  There will be four categories of match-ups.  These categories will be presented in chronological order each encompassing historical individuals, groups, movements, events, time periods, or icons that quickly come to mind when one thinks of “American”.

The breakdown is as follows:

1700s Group

Revolution vs. Democracy

United States Constitution vs. Declaration of Independence

Native Americans vs. Colonists

George Washington vs. Thomas Jefferson

1800s Group

Cowboys vs. Indians

Wild West Outlaws vs. Law Enforcement Sheriffs

Abraham Lincoln vs. Jefferson Davis

Union vs. Confederacy

1900s Group

Industry vs. Immigration

Inventors vs. Businessmen

War Enlister vs. War Protestor

White Collar Worker vs. Blue Collar Worker

2000s Group

Cinema vs. Television

Burger vs. Hot Dog

Football vs. Baseball

Technology vs. The Old Fashioned Way

A blog for each tournament battle will be written.  The reader has complete control in determining the winner of each battle by letting their vote be known in their comment.  These votes will contribute to the rankings of these competitors, who will then be placed in bracket match-ups based upon their rank.  A voter’s poll will be used to determine the winner of each bracket match-up, ultimately getting us to the Sweet 16, Elite Eight, Final Four, and our eventual winner, the Most American of All.

Stay tuned and prepare to decide: Who Is More American?


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