Battle 3: Native Americans vs. Colonists

(If you haven’t already read and voted on the first 2 battles please do so now!)

This third battle in our tournament sets the stage for two groups of people to square off.  One group was already settled in America while the other traveled here to explore new lands and hope for better opportunities.  This battle sees Native Americans versus Colonists.

Who Is More American?

Native Americans

If you look up the word “American” in the dictionary the first definition you’ll see is “an American Indian of North America”.  The first people to settle the land now known as America are referred to as American Indians, or Native Americans.  These people lived on settlements in North America long before any explorers arrived on the continent.  These Native Americans had strong customs and traditions.  Although many different types of Native American tribes, or groups existed, their way of life was mostly peaceful.  They all shared strong beliefs to care for the beautiful nature surrounding them and enjoyed living a free way of life.  They welcomed the early European explorers, some of whom became our founding fathers and colonists.  When conflict arose with various explorers trying to take their land, the Native Americans fought to defend their rights and preserve their way of life.  Brave and courageous people, they valued fighting to protect what you believe in.  The Native Americans certainly hold a place in America’s history. 



Our early colonists hold a place in America’s history too.  The Thirteen Colonies set the basis for what America is today, and we have our colonists to thank for that.  A colonist refers to a person who settles in a new country.  Our colonists traveled to America to escape the rule of King George III of Great Britain, and establish a society governed by the people.  Colonists like George Washington, who commanded the Continental Army throughout the Revolutionary War, and Thomas Jefferson, who wrote our Declaration of Independence, established the foundation for America as we know it today.  Colonists had good relationships with the Native Americans and they both shared many things.  However, when they desired to explore the frontier, or unsettled lands to expand their settlements, conflict began between these two groups of different people.  Our colonists certainly contributed to our country’s history. 

The Native Americans are the first people to inhabit, or live on the land we now call America but the colonists created the basis for the society we live in today.  

So, I ask you, the reader: Who Is More American?

Native Americans or Colonists?

Cast your vote in the comments below!



3 thoughts on “Battle 3: Native Americans vs. Colonists

  1. Im voting for people that were settled in this great land first…the native americans! The colonists invaded their lands and took over, is that American?

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