Battle 1: Revolution vs. Democracy

Our first duel sees what our country was founded on go up against the government in which it flourished.  This battle sees Revolution face off against Democracy!

Who is More American?


A revolution is an overthrow of government by the people being governed.  The American Revolution was when our founding fathers fought against Great Britain to claim their independence from Great Britain’s leader, King George III.  Feeling like they were being treated unfairly our founding fathers refused to be a part of the King’s government, and revolted, or broke away.  America was founded on a successful revolution against Great Britain with a war that lasted from April 19, 1775 to September 3, 1783.  This revolution is perhaps best known worldwide for its shock value.  Part time citizen-soldiers were used as militias, or fighting forces, to defend the Colonies.  These militias eventually formed the basis for the Continental Army, led by their Commander in Chief George Washington.  These volunteers fought for a belief in America, and gave their lives for the cause.  They also were fighting against the Kingdom of Great Britain, the most powerful military force the world had ever seen.  Great Britain’s forces were paid professionals.  The underdog Americans, however, managed to shock the world and pull the upset by defeating Great Britain once and for all, showing the rest of the world that America and what it stood for was not was to be messed with!



Speaking of what America stands for, we can turn our attention to democracy.  Democracy is a form of government that originally appeared in ancient Greece. Democracy is a government run by the people.  In America, we elect leaders to represent us (the people) and make decisions about rules and laws.  After declaring our independence, our forefathers worked hard to establish a government that would be fair to everyone.  They set out to be different from King George III of Great Britain by treating each citizen, or member of the country, equally and fairly.  Our United States Constitution was written and approved by our forefathers to act as a rulebook for all citizens to follow.  This document allows each citizen to enjoy his or her freedoms in a democracy.  Americans still value the rights that democracy provides them today.  The ability to have your voice heard and to make a difference big, or small, is available to each citizen because of our democracy.  Democracy has allowed America to grow into a prosperous, or successful country that values the freedoms and rights of its people!

America was founded and built on revolution but has grown and flourished as a democracy.

So, I ask you, the reader: Who Is More American?

Revolution or Democracy?

Cast your vote in the comments below!


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